Taking a Measured Approach to SEO


Start with analysing & studying your business area, your target audience, your competition and your market. Then followed by Keyword research in which you should decide the best keywords to use for your business that would fetch the maximum ROI. You should then modify the content of your website to insure it is targeting the keyword correctly based on basic On-page SEO Practices.


Start a link building campaign. This involves promoting your website through the use of articles, press releases, blogs and other organic methods. By doing this it opens up various channels through which users, and Google bots can find you – and rank you. Boosting your site’s link popularity will increase your ranking, resulting in more traffic.


Taking a measured approach towards any marketing campaign, SERO is no different. Using analytical systems in place such as Google Analytics to monitor and track your site popularity and traffic regularly. Reviewing your analytics & traffic report weekly, if not daily will keep you informed to the progress and improvement (or not) in your sites ranking & traffic.